Each Adéle handbag, purse or travel bag is a work of functional art that is crafted in South Africa with meticulous care and attention to detail. These classic, timeless pieces are handmade from quality exotic leathers such as ostrich leather, crocodile hide, printed bovine and embossed leather to produce elegantly sculptured handbags. Skilled artisans hand cut, hand stitch and hand dye the leathers in a wide spectrum of colours; from classic neutrals to vibrant shades like hot pink and emerald green. The gold plated or nickel fittings are either of Italian origin or are custom designs cast by local foundries. Adéle handbags are unique, limited editions designed to evoke an enduring sense of beauty, style and functionality.

How our leathers are sourced

Each Adéle handbag, purse or travel bag is made with high-quality, ethically-sourced leather. Our products are made from bovine, buffalo, crocodile and ostrich leathers. For each bag, only the best leather is handpicked to ensure that you get only the highest quality product.

Every Adéle product is made in full adherence of the CITES agreement and we ensure that all of our suppliers are too.

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

The trade is diverse, ranging from live animals and plants to a vast array of wildlife products derived from them, including food products, exotic leather goods, wooden musical instruments, timber, tourist curios and medicines. Levels of exploitation of some animal and plant species are high and the trade in them, together with other factors, such as habitat loss, is capable of heavily depleting their populations and even bringing some species close to extinction. Many wildlife species in trade are not endangered, but the existence of an agreement to ensure the sustainability of the trade is

For more information, visit www.cites.org.


Bovine leather

Bovine offers maximum value for texture, appearance, durability, and comfort. It is easy to care for and is dirt and water resistant. Bovine is one of the heaviest leathers, which makes it tough wearing and durable.

Crocodile leather

Crocodile leather is an attractive, fashionable leather. It is strong, supple and durable. The bony layer within the skin provides protection, while a dimple on each scale makes for a unique look.

Embossed leather

Embossed leather gives a decorative look to leather by stamping a pattern onto it. This process is most often used with crocodile or ostrich skin.

Buffalo leather

Buffalo offers a heavy duty and durable leather. This leather is rugged and strong, while, at the same time, soft and supple with a rubber waxy feel. Buffalo leather features thick, widely spaced fibres and the evident hair follicles create a pebble-like appearance.

Ostrich leather

Ostrich is a rare leather. It is luxurious, soft, supple and thick. The large feather quill follicles provide a unique look and feel.

Printed hair on hide

Printed hair on hide is the process of taking bovine hide with the hair and printing different colours and patterns onto the hair; offering a variety of different styles.